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Privacy policy

1. All data stored by How Are You – Mood Tracker is anonymous. This means that mood results are not assign to any personal details of user (e.g. name and surname, phone number or email address). There is no option to verify the user or his/her data.

2. How Are You – Mood Tracker is recording the following information’s:
a) Tests results along with answers for emotions
b) Tags added to results
c) Time of test assessment
d) Place of test assessment but only if the user will give application approval for GPS use
e) Unique and random “device id” which allows to distinguish users.

3. Data recorder and stored by How Are You – Mood Tracker is used for statistical analysis on the big data (e.g. an average mood for cities and countries). We do not carry any analysis of people data, only populations.

4. Your mood information will be not convey to any third party companies.

5. Your data (anonymously) might be transmit to research and science units like Universities for statistical analysis and product amendment.

6. All your mood information is recorded and stored on secured database.

7. In any doubt, please contact How Are You team at

Bartosz Rychlicki

Contact for business

Bartosz Rychlicki

+ 48 512 129 709

Konrad Bocian

Contact for press and science

Konrad Bocian

Social Psychologist
+ 48 660 079 928

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