The Best Bipolar Disorder iPhone and Android Apps of 2015

What is the How Are You App for?

The How Are You App is an innovative mood journal linking state-of-the-art mobile technology with the up-to-date psychological knowledge. Thanks to the cooperation with scientists and psychologists, the How Are You App represents an all-around tool within psychological help, with its key ingredient of thorough mood measurement.

Thanks to the How Are You App, people suffering from mood distortions can, easily and intuitively, monitor the volumes of their mood throughout the day. In the meantime they write down which factors influenced their mood drops and hikes. The users, being able to export data from the application, can analyze all collected results with the aim to understand the nature of distortions.

How can the How Are You App be used in the psychotherapy process?

By monitoring mood swings three times a day, the user gains knowledge on their own emotional states. Together with a professionalist in mental health (psychotherapists, psychiatrists) they can analyze the results throughout a session, and thus, determine the actions, which might help to overcome particular mood distortions.

The How Are You App, due to the technology in use – constant randomization of questions - is a wonderful tool in the pharmacological therapy. Basing on the results, a psychiatrist or therapist is able to conclude if a certain medication is effective enough, or if there is a need to substitute it with another medicine.

Are you a psychotherapist or psychiatrist? Extend your professional offer with the How Are You App!

We are warmly encouraging all specialists dealing with mental health to try out the How Are You App. Its application within therapeutically process can result in advantages both for a therapist, and a client (ex. increasing therapy effectiveness, faster health recovery, higher emotional self-awareness).


As for specialists on mental health, we offer an opportunity to buy the How Are You App packages varying when it comes to the needs and customer number. We also provide full technical and meritorical support when in use of the application.

We will be very glad to see you signing yourself up for a free-of-charge and non-committal on-line presentation, which within 15 minutes will present all benefits stemming from the use of the How Are You App in psychotherapy. After the presentation every psychotherapist will receive as a gift a single unit of the How Are You App for future tests.

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