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What is mood?

In order to perceive a business edge on the mood measuring tool, one must first understand what mood is.

Mood is a state of small intensity, which can be recognized as positive or negative. Moods can go on for hours, days, weeks, or even months. Based on moods we determine what close future will look like.

Mood influences many aspects in human life. Research showed that moods affect, among other things:

  • Working memory (words processing) and attention (Gray, 2001).
  • Creativity (Baas, De Dreu, Carsten, Nijstad, 2008)
  • Perception (Reiner, Stefanucci, Proffitt, and Clore, 2003)
  • Professional success, health, resources, physical well-being (Lyubomirsky, King,  Diener, 2005)

and also: Products assessment, Politicians assessment, Risk evaluation, Life satisfaction, Unconscious liking processes,  Stereotypes-based thinking, False memory trails.

What does exactly the How Are You App do?

Enables regular measurement of a user’s mood by means of a scientifically-proven and validated scale. Delivers objective and reliable information on how the user feels, and how their mood stretched in time. Facilitates estimated forecasts on what the user’s mood will be like.

As a result, we can undertake effective action depending on the user’s mood:

  1. automatic (like ex. displaying a cartoon with the aim to lift a child’s mood before a portion of material to study)
  2. indirect (ex. change of a doctor’s decision with regards to the applied medication for a certain patient).


Where do mood measurement and the How Are You App find their application?


Within tele-medicine the How Are You App provides additional information regarding a particular patient, in simple terms, how the patient feels. It is common knowledge that mood drastically influences treatment effectiveness.

Measuring mood in tele-medicine offers the following values to a clinic or doctor using such a service:

  • objective answer as to how the patient feels
  • how the therapy or medication affect the patient’s mood
  • pain detection
  • measuring the patient’s mood allows them to free expression of their feelings
  • embracing a patient by the mood monitoring enhances feeling of security


In the field of education the advantages arising from mood measurement are two-fold: preventive and extending effectiveness of educational tools (such as games and interactive training materials).

Preventive advantages:

  • early detection of depression and other mood distortions
  • early detection of social exclusion / so called. „bullying”
  • early detection of abuses coming from peers and teachers

Advantages extending effectiveness of educational tools:

In a good mood we absorb a given material more easily and we think more creatively. Thus, it is worth measuring mood while studying and build the e-learning tools so they respond to the user’s mood and adjust the material.

Business model

Our financial settlement models are partner-like and are based on, so called, ‘revenue share’. Before the launch  of cooperation, we settle conditions of monthly commission for every user extracting our solution.


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