The Best Bipolar Disorder iPhone and Android Apps of 2015

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Why it works

It is important to support every theory and tool with hard science evidence.

The graph below show results of 195 users who tracked their mood using How Are You App.
Each user took 20 tests, which changed its average mood result by 18%.
Thereby self-tracking has potential to improve mood.

The X axis display test number, when the Y axis the overall mood on the scale from 0 to 100.



I like the app and I find it so useful to keep track of my mood and what does affect it.


I am a therapist testing your app to see if I will recommend it to clients. I like it a lot! I like how simple and user-friendly the tests are.


Thanks a lot for this app, it's helping me a lot :)


Amazing app! It has everything that should have a good application.
It really helps to know ourselves better and improve our lifestyle. Great job!


Best on the Market. This app has been the best app I could find because it offers a beautiful minimalists design with a lot of functionality. The ability to export data is also a plus!


Really simple design, looks and works really good on iOS 7 and allows you to plot your mood by asking simple questions that give you an understanding of the actual mood, perfect for people trying to monitor mood swings or disorders.

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